Hello and welcome to the Democratic Awards of The Great Mapperdonian Wiki! This is about how people did something for this wiki and this is an election poll for New Admins each year.


Flaming Ninja Mapping - Admin

SunnyKhan688 - Founder

Olimario/Xenoblade - Admin


  • No cheating or else you get disqualifed.
  • Be fair.
  • You can update of what you usally do and think as admin.
  • Make people want to atleast come to your sides.
  • NO ADVERTISING TO BE ADMIN (This also counts as trying to get more users by just persuading them to)
  • Have good points of what you would do as admin.
  • Contact Admins that have Permanent Access to be admin or The Founder (SunnyKhan688)
  • Make people intersted in what you do.
  • The one who has most votes will win.
  • Make speeches that have to be 5 sentences long to make it like a paragraph and say what you want.
  • If you have any questions to the competer then ask.


For this year, We will be voting who will be admin for a year. The votes start today, and they Expire by the end of 2015.

Starts: April 16th 2015

Ends: December 16th 2015


TheGreenGuy AKA Marcel

Speeches: None yet.

OUT OF THE AWARDS because of him leaving the awards.

Mxicoball lel

Speeches: None yet.