History of Mernadia is a cancelled series by Olimario948 that had two episodes Before Olimario decided to end it.



Olimario948 wanted to create a new series based around a fictional universe and started drawing a map of the first continent. He decided to place Middle eastern-esque people on that continent and decided to name the world "Mernadia" with no particular inspiration.

Episode 1: "Erm"

"I shall conquer the World!!!!!" -Herkoia


It starts on Kaea, the Middle eastern continent of Mernadia. The first civilizations are formed; Merdesh, Baghidia, and Shenk. Merdesh claims that Baghidia is blocking their expansion and declares war, annexing half of the later.

Rhun joins the fray with Arbet and Serok. Arbet swiftly annexes Serok due to their superior forces. Herkoia is also formed around this time and quickly invades it's northern neighbors. It also begins to expand southward but is eventually destroyed by a mass revolution.

Episode 2: "Why did I make this series?"

"Woah what's going on over there?"-Jkhia

"Just a bunch of brainless idiots, ignore them."-Wheika


The now independent Merdesh wants to restore it's former glory by invading and annexing Jek and Kelia. Herkoia decides to follow in Merdesh's steps and takes over Reoia for a coast, making several nations from a coalition against it. Herkoia mocks them and turns the other nations on Kaea into puppets, starting a massive war.

Evora is is added to the mix of continents with aroma. Meanwhile South Rhun invades Nemoria. Hejia, a member of the Anti-Herkoia Coalition, builds a new weapon to fight the Herkoian armies and starts advancing in the east. However Sheia is annexed by Herkoia along with the puppet states. Catching the Coalition off guard and making many of them surrender. Vehia is the last one left and is swiftly annexed by the Herkoian Empire.


Shortly after making the second episode Olimario decided to cancel HOM because he felt bored when making the episodes and didn't like the results. HOM lives on as where Olimario failed to make a good and new series.