Olimario's alternate future of Europe is a mapping series created by Olimario948 and currently spans 4 episodes. It uses the Craft dialect, but plans have been made to change it to Golden style.

Episode 1

"I need to make up for lost land." -Russia

The episode starts with the succession of Venice, Sardinia, Flanders, Wales, Scotland, Catalonia, and Basque. Northern Ireland joins it's southern neighbor, causing Englaand to suffer economically. Poland buys Kaliningrad from Russia, who then invading it's neighbors and become the Soviet Union. Turkey follows this action by becoming the Ottoman Empire. Sweden?, Finland, and Norway unite in fear of invasion. England is taken over by imperialists who name theit new nation "Navicia" and conwuer the British isles and Greenland, sparking tension with Denmark. Libya is suddenly pulled into anarchy as three rebel armies take over the country, calling themselves "Qysid", "Tripolitania", and "East Sahara". Spain desires for Iberia to be united as one and swiftly annexes Basque, before invading Portugal and Catalonia. Frances is angered by this and declares war on Spain, but loses as Spain renames itself to Mamporia.