Pylion is a nation Created by Simon Fabfive in his first video.

Episode 1:

It declared Independence from Egypt in 2023, in the midst of ww3

It seems to be winning the war, but that will be decided next episode.(Episode 2)

Episode 2:

It defeated Egypt, then fought Libya to gain even more land, and then joined the NATO side.

Israel joined Pylion after that, and Pylion expanded northward into southern Anatolia. By the end of the episode, it was a major force in Asia and Africa.

Episode 3:

The Soran Empire declared Independence, making Pylion lose its northern lands.




Soran Empire


Statistics and Stuff

Nation Gender: Male

Political Views: Democratic


The National Color of Pylion: Yellow

Pylion has no Wal-Marts

It has advanced technology

It is Asdf Mapping's Official Nation

The National Food of Pylion is Donuts

(Flag Made by Lonanian Empire, Thx Dude!)