Robia is a nation in Africa, expanding to Angola, Botswana, and South Africa. It is made by SunnyKhan688.


In 1923, when the British were in South Africa, protests happened including in Botswana and Angola, they were muslim and etc. they wanted to be free and have there own country, which sucessed in about 1 year. It was the war of independence, when Robia was finally free in 1923. And also was in WW2, againest the Axis and getting many land from the germans. In WW2, it remained Facist but with the allies, and it is not a dictatorship, it kinda is, but it has it's own president which rules the country. In 1960's, the country expanded in technology and thus many resources making a big industrial boost in the country. And it still remains sucessful today as a first world country. Allies with South Africa, and many more countries.