This is not a Faction,just a Union. 


  • Philipp Mapping (Part) (Founder) [Sarah N Phillip Mapping because "disabled]

    First Beta Flag of TMUU by Philipp Mapping

  • Lisastr67 AKA Yigit (Part)
  • SunnyKhan688 (Part) (Co-Founder)
  • JordB (Part)
  • QuebecanCanada (Part)
  • GerrardMapper100 AKA Kebab123 (Part)
  • Polandball421 (part)
  • Flaming Spaghetti Monster (Part)
  • Kolonel
  • Olimario
  • Thunder Mapping
  • Tao64

Add you here if you want join!

Parts of this Union:

!Only Write Wikis that are Part of the Union!

  • New Mapping Wiki(Philipp)
  • SunnyKhan688(This Wiki)
  • Lisastr(The Alternate Future of Europe Wiki)
  • JordB (Mapper Wars Wiki)
  • Polandball421 (this wiki)
  • Flaming Spaghetti Monster (El Futuro Wiki,TFOE Map Game Wiki)
  • Kolonal (this wiki)
  • Olimario (TFOE Wiki and this one)
  • QuebecanCanada ( Althistorywiki, and this one maybe)
  • Thunder Mapping (Thiss one, The Anything wiki, Fiction Earth and TFOE)
  • Tao64 (Althist, Map game wikia, and Polandball)


This is a Beta Union,because nobody tryed it out make a Union of 3 Wikis.

Possible Problems:

Confusing because 4 Wikis.

False Wiki Posting

False Pages



Ace (Destroyed accounts on this wiki and TFOE wiki)

Trio (Wished cancer on Gold)

Opret (Racist to everyone)

Power of the Parts in the Union

The Great Mapperdonian Wiki (90 Users)

Rules of the Union

  • Alts Only Allowed when not blocked by Admin or higher.
  • No Spam
  • No Racism
  • No Vandalism
  • No Trolling/Kidding Members
  • Always be Nice to other Wikis
  • Add more
  • ===Use of Wikis:===
  • Every Wiki has it own Rules,but it need have the Union Rules.
  • When you are Admin on this Wiki,you will not 100% get Admin on  a other Part.
  • ===An Idea===
  • Put at your Channels and Vids the Link to this Wiki,so new Mappers come here too!