I'm TheGreenGuyMapping or just simply TheGreenGuy. I joined this wikia in early April 2015.

About me


My real name is Marcel. I live in Poland. I like video games and music.

How did I start mapping?

Long time ago I was watching this "Realistic" Future of Europe series, but I didn't found it intresting. Later I saw MOAP's video titled "Size Matters - A Comparison of lots of things" witch wasn't even a mapping video. Later Alternate Future of Europe series started to pop-out in my main page. I found them realy intresting. I was playing whit maps in paint and later I created my first AFoE episode.

I like:

  • Mapping (duh)
  • Colour green (DUH)
  • Cactuses
  • Music
  • Video Games
  • Nintendo
  • Xbex
  • Sweden and Poland


  • Goldenrebel25 (most inspiring)
  • MrOwnerandPwner (first video of Alternate Future of Europe seen by me)
  • Miki004 (his videos gave me a lot of ideas for my series)


"Be friendly to friend, be not friendly to enemy, be friendly to neutral" - TheGreenGuy 2015

"Being not fair to someone who been not fair to you is fair" - TheGreenGuy 2015


Flaming Ninja Mapping

- Very helpful in TF +50

- Friendly +30

Overall: Good Friend (80)


- Made me chat mod in his wikia +60

- Friendly +30

- He got baned -10

Overall: Good Friend (80)