NOTE: THIS IS SUNNYKHAN688'S NATION. In Aklaristan, A unknown german man Destroyed and Bombed a Building in a City in Aklaristan: Ihcarak (Ee-kar-ek). The total amount of people killed were: 10,000. It was also known as the Great Incident of Ihcarak. The Goverment of Aklaristan fixed the buiilding in 2014. The Building was also known as "The Ihcarak District Building". It was in 2009 November 9th. The Man who did it shouted: DEUTSHLAND UBER ALLES!" After the building was demolished and destroyed a Man named: "Wazier Ali Khan" assianated the German Man who did the incident. Wazier recieved 10 Million Dollars, for "avenging" the poor people's lives who died in the building. The Goverment of Aklaristan warned Germany about this. A man who was a photographer named: "Qasim Farid" took a snapshot of it. After minutes the police came. And saved a total of 5,000 people. The people of Ihcarak built a ceromony of the incident. The president: Rumman Khan was there putting flowers at the dead people's graves.  

The Great Incident Of Aklaristan
the building a couple minutes after the bombing
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