DON'T EVER EDIT! Only SunnyKhan688 can give perrmission to edit! Players: SunnyKhan688: 500,000,000 Booking Ships , 20,000,000 Destroyers and 50,000,000 Titanics. Asdf Mapping/Simon Fabfive: 50,000,000 Booking Ships , 29,000,000 Destroyers , 600,000,000 Titanics. Monsoonjr99: 70,000,000 Booking Ships , 30,000,000 Destroyers , 400,000,000 Titanics. Philip Mapping: 700,000,000 Booking Ships , 50,000,000 Destroyers , and 900,000,000 Titanics. RULES: Who ever declares war in this game will have a map. Current Map - fleets will colonize at Mars and who ever takes over all of Mars gets to win , but the game will restart the same way if we want too. NOTE: You also can ally and also once you you have a ally you can trade or book your ships! TURN ORDER: SunnyKhan688 - Asdf Mapping - Phillip Mapping - Monsoonjr99 - Lisastr67 - TheGamingDutchman. The turn order will change if a person joins. Every turn you get piece of land thanks to your army. You can even colonize lands. STAFF: Owner: SunnyKhan688. Helper: Monsoonjr99. Guarder: Asdf Mapping. Moderator: Ingo Mapping. Backup: JordB. Also if you take long you will get skipped! TURN 2 HAS STARTED!

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