One of the most stonkest countries and biggest ones EVER....It was first made after the Russian Civil War in 1922. The Bolveshiks won the Civil War and so Lenin lead his people but then he died.But then Stalin came to power in the mid 1920's. In the beginning of World War II the Uk and France rejected the alliance made by the Soviets againest the Germans. After that The USSR signed a non-agression pact with the Nazis. But the treaty was disgarded in 1941 when the Nazis invaded the west of the Soviet Union killing THOUSANDS of lives. The good thing was that the Soviets eventually got revenge and then drove to eastern europe and then captured Berlin in 1945 making the end Of World War II and Nazi Germany. After the war The Soviets entered the Cold War. But if the americans and soviets fight solo with nukes....THIS EARTH WOULD BE DESTROYED. So they fought with their little allies. So it was first the Korean War againest The North Koreans (Communists) and the South Koreans (Democrats). Nobody knew who won so it was disputed. The USSR was going to occupy Afganistan but the USA aided the Mujahedeen in the Afghan Civil War. The Soviets decided to retreat from Afganistan since a civil war was happening. After some years the USSR colapsed due to a weak economy.

Ussr stronk!
The Bolveshiks